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Bridget K. Caletka, LPC, NCC, CCMHC

Professional Credentials

Bridget website selfieI am a clinical mental health counselor with approximately four years of direct counseling experience within academic, agency, and outpatient mental health clinic settings.

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I work with individuals of all ages, from diverse sociocultural backgrounds, and with a wide range of presenting issues. I initially trained as a school counselor and therefore I have a particular affinity for helping children, adolescents/teens, and parents with personal, behavioral, family, and parenting problems. I also provide counseling for adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, past traumas, chronic or serious illness, grief and loss, and other clinical disorders.

I received my Bachelors degree summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut in 1997, a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2010, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Messiah College in 2011. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas (license #70914) and also a National Certified Counselor (NCC #274857) and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).

Personal Information

I grew up in beautiful Upstate New York as the seventh of eight children in a bustling Irish-American family. I’ve also lived in Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT, Cardiff (Wales), and Surrey (England). I relocated to The Woodlands in the summer of 2013 with my husband of 24 years and our two teenagers, and we are truly enjoying Texas so far.
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Although I have a Catholic Christian background, I welcome clients with diverse religious and spiritual belief systems, and I incorporate those into counseling (or not) as the client wishes.

Before I became a counselor, I worked for four training development companies that designed training programs in interpersonal skills, customer service, sales, and leadership. I was fortunate to work for a prominent industrial/organizational psychologist – a pioneer of behavior modeling applications – who (with other colleagues along the way) inspired and encouraged me to pursue a helping profession. While living overseas, I served as the president of the American Women of Surrey and I was also a stay-at-home mother for a decade.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my two Boxer dogs, walking, swimming, cooking, traveling, volunteering for worthy causes, and listening to many different genres of music.

Philosophical Base/Counseling Approach

My counseling philosophy can best be described as relationship-based and existential. Rather than adhering to any fixed approach, I feel each therapy should be as unique as the individual, and that engaging a warm, genuine relationship is the essential factor in helping clients work towards their desired outcomes.

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We all strive to find meaning in our existence and, as we learn and grow from our experiences, we can continue on a path of personal transformation. I believe in the importance of the whole person and in collaborating to maximize the strengths, resources, and resilience that clients already possess.

The existential approach encourages individuals to explore meaning, become aware of our own possibilities and limitations, navigate the complexities and uncertainties of life, and learn to live authentically. Existential therapy is concerned with the universal human themes of freedom, responsibility, isolation, and mortality.

I tailor my approach to assist clients in the positive work of gaining insight, making change, and creating the futures they desire for themselves. In doing so, I may utilize elements of person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, narrative, mindfulness-based and/or other therapies as appropriate.

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I am sometimes able to schedule appointments at alternate locations, and I provide a walking-and-talking service as well as home visits on a limited basis.

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Counseling (also called therapy, psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”) is all about having a professional you trust and can open up to about your problems in a confidential setting.

Depending on your presenting issue(s), needs, schedule, and finances, you would typically have an appointment with me every week or every other week (or eventually even on a monthly basis, for the maintenance phase).

My job as the therapist is to listen to you in a nonjudgmental way, to learn the history of your issues, to identify maladaptive responses or unhelpful patterns of thoughts, to offer empathy and insight, and to help you reframe problems and develop a workable plan for making the changes you want and moving forward in life.

Your job in therapy is to consistently attend our scheduled sessions, to be open to the process, and to complete any “homework” assignments in-between the times we meet. To get the most out of therapy, it is important to assume responsibility for your experience. I can only work with the information you provide, so honesty is essential for an effective counseling relationship. You agree to come to counseling free from the influences of drugs including alcohol.

Length of Treatment

Some clients need only a few counseling sessions to achieve their goals; others may require months or even years of counseling. As a client, you are in complete control and may end our counseling relationship at any time, though I do ask that you participate in a termination session if possible. You also have the right to refuse or discuss modification of any of my counseling techniques or suggestions that you believe will not be helpful or might be harmful.

While benefits are expected from counseling, specific results are not guaranteed. There is a risk you may experience periods of emotional discomfort on the way to your goals, due to the nature of the therapeutic process, which often involves discussing very personal difficulties or past traumas.

No single therapist is the best for every client. If you do not feel I am the right fit for you, I will be happy to provide referrals for other therapists in the area.

I also have the right to terminate our counseling relationship, if I believe it is in your best interest. When it is appropriate I will terminate a professional counseling relationship if it becomes reasonably clear that you are not benefiting from the relationship. When professional counseling is still indicated, I will take reasonable steps to provide referrals and/or alternatives that may be available to help you.